Why use us?


Dr. Ehle has over 20 years of experience in chiropractic medicine.  He has pursued post graduate work in acupunture, applied kinesiology, nutrition, herbology, and homeopathy.  His main goal is to get you well, and he has many tools at his disposal to accomplish this goal.  

Do you take insurance?


Yes!  We take nearly all forms of major medical insurance, medicare/supplements, and auto insurance.  Renee handles any insurance questions, and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.  You can email her at insurance@docehle.com, or call the office at 806.355.5800

Do I have to keep coming back all the time?


No!  Dr. Ehle's goal is to see you get well, and get well as fast as possible.   He will outline a treatment plan for you that is reasonable for the complexity and duration of time you have been suffering with the issue.   If you are not responding well within a short period of time, Dr. Ehle will be discussing a possible referral.  You are not required to sign up for an extended treatment plan.  It is in your best interest to have regular chiropractic treatments.  You will feel better, sleep better, and be more productive.  

Do you treat auto accident injuries?


Yes!  The trauma from an auto accident damages the deeper tissues along the spine, setting up the potential for chronic pain for years to come.  It is so important to have the tools to work deeper in the system to restore you to health, and prevent chronic issues.  Dr. Ehle's skills in Applied Kinesiology, acupunture, manipulation and nutrition provide a depth in modalities for treating trauma.

Do you treat sports injuries?


Yes!  The dynamics of a sports injury often needs the ability to diagnose the injury on a deeper level. After MRI's, treatment, and time to heal, there is often a residual weakness that persists which is unexplained.  This is where Dr. Ehle's skills in applied kinesiology help to thoroughly diagnose the weakness, and to determine why there is still a residual dysfunction.   

Do you treat pregnant women?


Yes!  It is so important for expectant mothers to have chiropractic care.  The changes that take place in a woman during the months of gestation put a great deal of stress on the low back and pelvis.  During treatment Dr. Ehle will also assess myofacial and ligamentous tensions within the pelvis that can interfere with the baby's normal head down presentation that is needed for delivery.  He can also help you with nutrional needs for your developing baby.  After the delivery, Dr. Ehle can help your baby if there are symptoms of colic, forceful spitting up, or constipation.  It is also important to have your baby checked for upper neck complications from birthing...especially if you had a difficult delivery.