I am an M.D., and advised many of my patients to consult with Dr. Ehle.  Those who took my advice got better quickly.  I, personally, have used Dr. Ehle's services on numerous occasions, have always found relief for my conditions, and have saved hundreds of dollars, which otherwise would have been spent on medications that might have had adverse side-effects.

LGG, M.D., Amarillo TX

I first saw Dr. Ehle following a diagnosis of Bell's Palsy.  I had experienced numbness and loss of muscle function on the right side of my face, including my mouth and eye.  In addition, I had a long history of neck and shoulder pain that I related to physical exercise.  I selected Dr. Ehle primarily for acupuncture.  I called Dr. Ehle's office and described my symptoms and found his staff to be very informative and helpful.  I was treated with a series of acupuncture treatments, and he also treated my neck with chiropractic therapy. 

I am currently feeling much better.  The numbness has resolved, and muscular function has returned.  My neck and shoulder pain have resolved.  He also discovered several food intolerances that have allowed me to control reactions that have caused health problems in the past.  I appreciate the overall philosophy of treatment and health that Dr Ehle and his staff practices. 

BRS, Amarillo, TX

Prior to seeing Dr. Ehle, I had a headache for 18 straight days, as well as lower back and hip pain.  The care I received was very professional, and I appreciated that I was given a choice of treatment.  Now I have no headaches at all, and no back pain.  Dr. Ehle and his staff were very courteous, nice, and caring.  The care I received, although I was in severe pain, was simple and very much worth the try!

LC, Amarillo, TX