About Us

Thanks for your interest about us at Ascent Chiropractic and Dr. Robert Ehle.  Please read ‘Our Story’ to learn about what prompted us to re-brand Ehle Chiropractic to Ascent Chiropractic.  ‘Meet Dr. Robert Ehle’, presents his bio reflecting his advanced studies in nutrition, applied kinesiology and homeopathy.  ‘Steps to Health’ talks about foundational steps to take in your pursuit of health.  Please take a moment to review the rest of our site and learn what we offer to help you along your journey.

meet Dr Ehle

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Our Story

We have some exciting news – after 25 years, Ehle Chiropractic has a new name and look! We chose the name “Ascent Chiropractic” because it implies both a journey and steps. Combining these 2 ideas forms our mission statement: “health is a journey that is traveled one step at a time”. Earli[...]

Steps to Health

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